Create a coffee shop experience without leaving the office

Walk across the hall, not across town, to enjoy delicious coffee. We make it easy by delivering kegs of cold brew right to you. Try your first keg on us!

Transform lives along the supply chain

You have the power to change lives by choosing to drink naturally sweet quality coffee, fostering an equitable coffee ecosystem. Our coffee tastes good, feels good, and does good. Join our mission!

Meet María!


Hola! I founded The Cold Brew Project after I moved to the United States from Colombia to pursue my coffee dream: bring Specialty coffee to the hands of coffee lovers because its taste is delicious and because it has the power to transform lives, from farm to cup!

Our coffee is sweet!

We make naturally sweet cold brew with only two ingredients: coffee and water. Nada más. No sugar needed! Our proprietary, award-winning formula created by a Stanford graduate features three key components:

  • Cherry-picked

    at peak ripeness from red coffee cherries in rich volcanic soils of Colombia.

  • Roasted

    in California to caramelize the natural sugars from the fruit– we don’t burn the beans!

  • Brewed

    in cold water for 20+ hours to make the smoothest coffee you will ever taste!

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Cold Coffee is HOT! 🔥

More and more people are raving about cold brew!

  • Founder

    Ask the person who orders coffee to get The Cold Brew Project.

  • Employee

    Let the person who orders coffee know that your office needs The Cold Brew Project.

  • In a position to order coffee

    Get a free keg of The Cold Brew Project, on us!

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Every cup you drink is transformative

You have the power to change lives. Quality coffee comes from quality work that rewards individuals, families and communities. Our passion is to spread the love for quality coffee. Together, we can be the change just by drinking and sharing delicious coffee!

Questions? Answered!

Why Specialty Coffee?

When growers are rewarded for picking only the ripest cherries, the result is called Specialty Coffee, which creates benefits that can only be unlocked if the coffee reaches the hands of quality-minded coffee lovers. We use and promote Specialty Coffee because it tastes delicious and because it has the power to transform lives by appreciating hard work, not charity.

Why Project?

This is a project because our mission is to bring Specialty Coffee to the hands of everyone. Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Despite its superior taste and equitable supply system, Specialty Coffee is still a secret for many and we this is a project to change that.

Why Cold Brew?

Cold brew, unlike iced coffee, is brewed in cold water. We brew the coffee for 20 hours in exchange for the heat, resulting in a smoother beverage without bitter components that only extract with hot water.

It is convenient, ready-to-drink, and delicious.

No preservatives, no additives, no calories. Just water, craft and coffee!

Why Naturally Sweet?

Naturally sweet coffee is an art and a science. It all starts with coffee cherries hand-picked at their peak ripeness with natural sugars that get caramelized during the roasting process.

When coffee is naturally sweet it means it is high quality. Therefore, no sugar is needed. Period.

Why Colombian Coffee?

This project is more than just coffee. This is an opportunity to showcase the richness of our Colombian roots and the resilience of our people. A beauty that is often hidden by our country's internal struggles. In Colombia, the biggest risk is wanting to stay.

The volcanic soils of Santa Maria, Huila, provide the perfect terroir for naturally sweet coffee.

Why Bay Area Exclusive?

We are a startup brewing in the Bay Area. Our current capacity only allows us to serve our local community.