With typically only one harvest per year and a maximum of two, coffee farmers are the most vulnerable population on the supply chain. Not only their income is low. It is also unpredictable as they absorb the risks of volatile commodity prices, fluctuating exchange rates and variable production volumes subject to climate change and spoilage from pests or mold.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, only after water. Yet, more than 98% of coffee is treated as a commodity often valued below the price required to cover the costs of production to support a sustainable lifestyle.

As a result, at least 80% of coffee farmers live on or below the poverty line. The systemic injustice persists along the coffee supply chain, transcending the borders of coffee producing nations. In the United States, for example, coffee roasters and baristas are rarely compensated as skilled workers. 

Individuals, families and communities engaged in the production of coffee can overcome the challenges of this social inequity by increasing quality to deliver a superior product and get recognized for this work. However, this quality coffee, known in the industry as Specialty Coffee, rarely reaches the hands of coffee lovers for two main reasons. First, it is difficult to access for those who seek it and second, this treasure is still an industry secret so most people cannot exercise their purchasing power to demand it.

As a result, most people end up drinking subpar, commodity-grade coffee, while producers of the world’s finest coffee are forced to sell it along with and mixed with low-quality beans. This mismatch represents a huge missed opportunity for both coffee lovers and coffee producers.

We believe in financial independence through hard work. This is not charity; it is conscious capitalism. We are dedicated to fostering, recognizing and rewarding quality. 

Our promise is to bring you the best coffee we can make. To do so, we commit to sourcing high quality beans, upholding the coffee’s quality through the supply chain, and recognizing the value of honest work along the way. We actively seek out opportunities to support those who are dedicated to improving quality in coffee.

For Coffee Farmers

Sustainable and predictable income. By paying more for quality coffee, we ensure that those who work the hardest to produce excellent coffee are justly rewarded. We also 

For Roasters

Fair compensation for their work as skilled labor, allowing them to thrive without.

For Coffee Lovers

Superior quality coffee that does not need sugar to mask defects. Consumers get to enjoy the true flavors of coffee, enhancing their overall coffee experience.

...and many more along the way

Exporters, traders and baristas also benefit from Specialty Coffee.

Additionally, our commitment to sustainable production positively impacts the environment, promoting a healthier planet.

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