Our coffee is Naturally Sweet

We have developed a proprietary formula to make naturally sweet cold brew with only two ingredients: Colombian coffee and water. Nada más! No sugar needed. This unique taste is only made possible through quality work, which is rewarded all along the coffee supply chain, transforming the lives of individuals, families, and communities from farm to cup! If you want to support a more equitable coffee ecosystem, elevating the quality of coffee makes more sense than charity. This is why our coffee tastes different and you can contribute just by drinking delicious coffee! 

Our sweet coffee journey starts at high altitudes in Santa Maria, Huila, where we work with a group of families that produce coffee in soils enriched by Colombia’s tallest active volcano, the Nevado del Huila. 

The coffee bean is the seed of a fruit, the coffee cherry, but only at peak ripeness do natural sugars from the fruit permeate into the bean. The problem is coffee cherries do not all ripe at the same time, and are usually picked at the same time whether they are ripe, green, or rotten. But we work with families that literally cherry-pick all our coffee at peak ripeness!

If farmers cannot find a market that values quality, even if they pick the ripest cherries, they have to sell their coffee as a commodity based on weight, at volatile prices that are often not enough to cover their production costs.

When farmers are rewarded for picking only the ripest cherries, the result is called Specialty Coffee. We are obsessed with spreading the love for Specialty coffee because it tastes good and does good!

How do we know that we get the best beans? Colombia and California are a world apart! Through traceability and direct trade! We work with our friends at Cuatro Vientos who buy the beans directly from farmers and prepare them for export with strict quality controls.

Together, we help farmers get better prices year after year by providing them with training to improve quality and microfinancing to expand their production.

Coffee arrives at our facilities in California as green coffee that smells like grass. In our labs we ensure the quality received is the same as in origin. This is 100% fresh Colombian Coffee, no middle men. 

The roaster is a chef and a scientist. He develops his own roasting curves and tests the results for the perfect taste profile. This is how we develop our proprietary roast profile.

Caramelized = sweet

Burnt = bitter

Brewed for 20 hours in cold water to fully extract the natural sugars and flavor compounds you love.


Many believe espresso has the most caffeine, but it actually has the least due to its 20-30 second extraction. Cold brew, extracted for 20+ hours, has more caffeine!

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