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About Colibri
Mountain Coffee

Meet Maria who is making authenitc Colombian coffee, with a deep connection to origin, available in the United States.

I did not always drink coffee

Coffee has always made me proud of my country, but I did not drink coffee before I embarked on a journey to connect with my origins in Colombia and learn about coffee. Coffee tasted bitter, it left an uncomfortable aftertaste, made my body shake and gave me headaches. I felt so bad about not drinking coffee that, since I am a naturally energetic woman, before founding Colibri Mountain Coffee I used to joke that I did not drink coffee because it had been running in my blood even before I was born.

Behind our name

We are Colibri Mountain Coffee. We are hummingbirds. We are colorful, playful and loud. We recharge in nature and love to hike through infinitely green mountains, at high altitudes where coffee happens to grow best.

Colombia & Coffee

My obsession with coffee started with my father. I was born and raised in Cartagena, a magical town in Colombia, along the Caribbean Sea, but my father is from Armenia, Quindío in the Eje Cafetero, or the Coffee Axis and he used to explain how I came from a small department (State) in size yet very big in coffee.

Why we choose to roast coffee

On January 29, 2021 our first state-of-the-art San Franciscan roaster arrived to the Colibri Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. This roaster is a key component in my mission of sharing, through coffee, what I love most about Colombia, my country of origin. I would have never guessed that a roasting machine would play such a critical role in this mission, so this is the story of why we choose to roast coffee at Colibri Mountain Coffee.